Are you designing an innovative product or service, reshaping a complex organization, or launching a breakthrough startup? Then you are probably facing what we call a Strategic Enterprise Design challenge: you are about to engage in an ambitious endeavour, seeking to achieve an outcome with a visible impact on reality. New customers or markets, better and leaner service delivery, engaged and productive staff or a fitting and visible brand might be among your list of intents.

A Typical Enterprise

In this context, an enterprise is a purposeful endeavour, an idea shared by the people involved. As the larger playing field for a design initiative, it is both subject to applied design work and the context wherein the outcomes are to be applied. In such a setting, the role of design shifts from producing isolated solutions to well-defined problems to one of relentless inquiry into a complex system, in order to identify key challenges and develop a custom approach for tackling them. To maximize your chances for success, you have navigate a large space of challenges and potential solutions, work with experts from a wide range of fields and domains, and ultimately draw up a coherent strategy that actually delivers when executed.

Enterprise Innovation

The Enterprise Design Framework is a set of tools to help enterprises realize the extraordinary contribution of design and architecture fields to the success of your enterprise, aligning and linking relevant conceptual and creative domains. It provides a structured framework for organizations of all sizes, enabling them to bridge strategic intent with tangible results, and aligning the conceptual thinking in between for a coherent outcome. Liberating design from the shackles of pre-determined results and constrained subfields, Strategic Enterprise Design bridges the gaps to deliver and maximize impact.

Overview of the Enterprise Design Framework ➔

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