Learn Enterprise Design in Practice

Designers, architects, consultants and other change agents in the enterprise are challenged to deliver increased impact and value. The Enterprise Design Academy is an intense two day seminar and workshop prepares delegates to go beyond mapping current complexity and taking incremental steps ahead. The Enterprise Design Framework allows bridging strategic intent with tangible results, and making strategic design thinking and practice work with the complexity and ambiguity of enterprise environments.

Our fourth edition will take place with IRM UK, November 28-29 2017 in London, delivered by Milan Guenther and Benjamin Falke, Partners at eda.c. Join our newsletter to receive event announcements.

Please contact us for an in-house quote request or for further information regarding in-house training. We also offer mentoring and hands-on support on applying Enterprise Design tools in projects.

Seminar Outline

This is a typical outline for a two day training, which can be adapted to the specific needs of your organization.

Day 1

Working with the Enterprise as a Playing Field

  • Understanding enterprises as ambitious endeavours in a context of complexity
  • A strategic design approach to shift enterprises and maximize value
  • Framing strategic challenges and engaging key stakeholders
  • Reshaping enterprise-people relationships
  • Working with the Enterprise Design Framework

Establishing the Scope for Strategic Enterprise Design

  • Collaboratively exploring potential futures in a volatile environment
  • Identifying, understanding and prioritizing key aspects to consider
  • Casting competent cross-disciplinary teams ready for enterprise ambiguity
  • Navigating the diversity of concerns and intermingled aspects
  • Stack Breakout session: developing and framing your Enterprise Design challenge

Enabling Processes of Innovation and Transformation

  • Establishing design thinking and practice in the enterprise
  • Shaping a design/architecture process model suited to your environment
  • Integrating creative, lean and agile approaches with project management
  • Embracing innovation through unexpected turns while keeping touch with reality
  • Sprint Workshop: Deploying Sprints as rapid and holistic design processes to tackle key challenges

Day 2

Creating Killer Models that Work Effectively and Matter to Their Audiences

  • Modelling enterprises to inquire, collaborate, communicate and shift
  • Overcoming standard model bias and model meta-design
  • Developing integrated and connected views on the enterprise
  • The Enterprise Design Modelling Language (EDML) and other Tools
  • Modelling Workshop: Developing an effective Enterprise Design Model

Developing Enterprise Design Competency in Your Organization

  • Managing strategic intent and designing for impact
  • Realizing and communicating design and architecture value
  • Integrating Strategic Enterprise Design into your business environment
  • Managing portfolio of opportunities, investments and outcomes
  • Playbook Breakout session: Establishing Enterprise Design Management

The Future of Enterprise Design and Your Business

  • Understanding the role of IT and Interactive in a post-digital world
  • Activating change agents and connectors in the enterprise
  • Meta-design for dynamic, fractal and generative systems
  • Launching your Enterprise Design Platform
  • Facilitated discussion: Your Take Aways and Next Steps

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the extraordinary value proposition of design and architecture for enterprise stakeholders and their challenges
  • Shaping an Enterprise Design approach suited to individual organizational cultures
  • Learning how to use Enterprise Design tools and methodologies in response to strategic challenges and topics
  • Fluency in key enterprise aspects and modelling techniques adapted to stakeholder groups and their concerns
  • Developing strategies to support radical shifts and continuous value delivery in dynamic post-digital environments


  • Enterprise Architecture/Design Lead, Head of Digital
  • Enterprise Architect, Business Architect, Information Architect
  • Business Analyst, Business Designer, UX Designer
  • Enterprise Designer, Service Designer, Brand Strategist
  • C/VP-Level Executives in Digital, Customer Experience and Operations
  • User/Customer Experience Strategist, Consultant