The Enterprise Design Framework is organized around a set of key capabilities that help thinkers and strategists, design and architecture teams, internal and external, to tackle enterprise complexity, apply design competency in a holistic session, and deliver value for their clients and key stakeholders. It is organized in five parts, each of which dealing with a specific challenge of the strategic use of design in the enterprise:


Stack: 20 aspects in 5 layers for navigating key enterprise challenges ➔
Sprint: a rapid enterprise-level process for design thinking and practice ➔
Playbook: a design management framework for enterprise transformation ➔
Model: a modelling language for mapping and reshaping enterprises ➔
Platform: a shared environment for enterprise change through design ➔


At Enterprise Design Associates, we specialize in an open, holistic and integrated approach to design as a means to inform strategic decision-making, put strategies into action, and have an impact on a dynamic ecosystem. Since 2009 we have developed and refined the Enterprise Design Framework as a toolbox for entrepreneurs, leaders, designers and architects to collaboratively and holistically explore, reshape and transform their enterprises.

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Originally described in our book INTERSECTION published with Morgan Kaufmann in 2012, Enterprise Design Framework has been tried, tested, tweaked and developed with leading experts and organizations from around the world, including Google, Boeing, SAP, Toyota, the United Nations, as well as startups and smaller businesses. Because it is adopted by a community of practice in Enterprise Design as an emerging field, the framework is constantly evolving.

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In spring 2014 we launched the INTERSECTION conference series, bringing together Enterprise Design enthusiasts and practitioners in Paris. Our second edition Intersection15 was held in Berlin (April 2015), together with the 19. Design Management Conference Europe by DMI, our third edition Intersection16 was held in Copenhagen (June 2016), our fourth edition Intersection17 was held in Barcelona (September 2017). The current edition Intersection18 is scheduled for 6-7 September, 2018 in Prague. EDA is engaged in several industry communities and shared labs with selected partners. We are on the lookout for collaboration opportunities to apply and further develop the Enterprise Design Framework as a business and design tool. If bridging gaps, tracing complexity and tackling enterprise challenges appeal to you, please join our LinkedIn group and get in touch!

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