Driving Change by Design

A device to drive innovation and transformation by design: a platform uniting people, tools, resources and systems to generate new states of the enterprise. This section is currently under development, join our newsletter and LinkedIn group to stay informed when our Platform tool is released!


By choosing the enterprise as a playing field, we must adapt our way to design: rather than solving problems and conceiving solutions, we move to influencing a complex adaptive system.

Classic approaches of producing top-down plans such as style guides or prescriptive architectures are too rigid and too static to cope with the dynamics of such an environment. Even if initially adopted, they quickly become out of touch with reality and solve the wrong problems, making people substitute the gaps with pragmatic ad-hoc solutions. Instead of the intended coherence, this leads to silos and missing alignment, and inhibits the carefully designed plans from succeeding.

The Enterprise Design Platform seeks to address the enterprise as a community engaged in realizing a shared ambition, and activate its capabilities to renew and transform itself. With this approach, the role of design shifts to one of enabler of change, supporting co-creation of concrete solutions and leading to the emergence of a desirable future state of the enterprise.

Deployed as a digital resource, a custom platform brings together a network of innovators and change agents to facilitate co-creation and adoption. It provides a system of interlinked elements such as patterns and components, designed to tackle recurring problems and provide coherence. This system is brought to life through the use of a generator, tapping into the power of algorithms and code for rapidly assembling solutions. Beyond just a valuable resource for innovators and a visible beacon for change, it turns strategic design initiatives into shared movements of change.


A platform layer to collaboratively reshape the enterprise driven a strong community of enterprising stakeholders and connectors, supporting initiative, dialogue and consensus.


A platform layer providing the fundamental Design Space components,language and code to rapidly design and develop new system elements and renew the enterprise platform in a coherent fashion.


A platform layer that leverages autonomous components and algorithms to generate new Rendering elements adaptive to their context of use.